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Escrow Cleanup Prior to Audit

Do not fear your next audit.

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Escrow Resolution Services, LLC is offering a low cost alternative to hiring or paying a full time individual to clear your escrow accounts of dormant funds. I provide escheatment preparation for any funds for which no recipient can be located. I can also provide monthly escrow accounting services, if requested, and offer preparation of your annual Maryland Affordable Housing Trust report.


Is escheating funds a daunting task for you? I am experienced in escheating funds to not only the State of Maryland, but to many other states. Are you are aware that the State of Maryland has a reciprocal agreement with many other states making escheatment a much easier process.

Quarterly Review

Once your cleanup is complete, I offer a quarterly review of all accounts to ensure that all files are kept in a current status.

Monthly Reconciliation Services

Escrow Resolution Services, LLC also offers daily to monthly reconciliation services.

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